Long Walk to Freedom Working on big work

The Palace of Justice, where the Mandela court case took place, was recreated at the Cape Town Film Studios.

DieSign Gogga was asked to create fake stained glass. This was eventually reached through combining printing and cut vinyl.

We also printed and applied various billboard graphics for ‘Orlando’ – the town was built at the studios.

On the aeroplane we had to cover existing strips and cover a few lines of lettering.


Fake marble, wood and detail Recreating the Empire State foyer

Along with set building company, The Scenery, we recreated the foyer of the Empire State building.

I photographed marble and wood and manipulated the pictures to match our reference pics. These were then printed out and applied to the walls and set.

The detail on the doors was redrawn and adjusted to fit the existing escalator doors.

Vehicle Graphics

For this Hyundai commercial the graphics had to be positioned according to the screen frame of the close-ups


Helmet Wrap & Logo's

Our client needed 4 American football helmets to be wrapped in gold vinyl and the logo’s added.


'Chronicle' Feature Film Western Cape, South Africa.

Action vehicles (police cars, ambulances, a fire truck & safari vehicles) for the feature, ‘Chronicle’ (2012). The film was shot at the Cape Town Film Studios and around the Western Cape.


Road Markings


This graphic was printed onto a special vinyl that was applied and molded into a rough road surface. It lasted even through a few wet-downs.


'Chronicles' Props

We printed and manufactured all the cigarette boxes and cartons, as well as the signs for the this display for a scene in the feature film ‘Chronicle'(2012).


'Yes We Can' Record Sleeve Graphic design, print and manufacture

Record sleeve for the feature ‘Yes We Can’.


Location Rendering

I received a photograph of a potential location as it looks in real life, as well as drawings of the Art Director’s concept. Then I sourced the photographs of the props and created the graphics and dropped them in on the photograph to create an impression of what the location will look like when dressed for the production.


CNC Routing & Painting


A relief plaque was needed for a scene shot in an embassy. After redrawing the coat of arms we had it routed. It was then hand-painted and varnished.