Who is DieSign Gogga?

DieSign Gogga was founded in 1999 by Myburgh Grobbelaar in Still Bay on his return from the UK. The business is currently situated in Strand. Myburgh started working in the sign industry after he finished a diploma in graphic design in 1994 and gained further knowledge and experience in signwriting on his travels through Australia and the UK.

In 2003 Myburgh started working in the film industry as a scenic artist. During this phase his work included doing paint and texture techniques, as well as painting and prop building. In time his previous sign and design skills came in handy on film productions and DieSign Gogga focused mainly on work for the film industry. Many road-markings, signs and sandblasted windows were done at all hours of the day.

Myburgh’s wife, Sonnel, is also an experienced graphic artist. She not only helps with painting and application, but she has designed many graphics, including a range of Wall Art graphics. When she is not working alongside Myburgh, she works in film art department as set dresser or props master.

Nowadays DieSign Gogga devides it’s time between work for the film and interior industry, as well as doing graphic design and managing event branding.